I will do well.

"Whether I quit the school or not, whether I have a home or not, Jeong Da Jeong is really, really, pretty to death, right? That’s why… whoever my father is, what kind of woman I am, without thinking about anything, just… you like me, right?"

a cute park seyoung in woori’s instavid

you hug my pillow…. so i will hug you too.. LOL

Seo Jae Woo, you have different sides to you that I didn’t think you had before.

Lean if you’re having a hard time…

Nutritionist Jeong Da Jeong.

"It’s romantic. Confessing because you don’t want to die".

Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. In it, there’s a statement like this: “It is a miracle that someone I like likes me back.” When I was little, because I naturally received so much love from my parents and from those around me, I didn’t know the meaning of this even as I read it, but I began to realize its meaning as I grew older. The person I like…to have that person like me as well is not an easy thing.(x)

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